Its a Crazy world :D
I’ve had friends that couldn’t be my lover. I’ve had lovers who couldn’t be my friend. I can’t wait for the day I find the person that is both.
Love’s Inception

Love’s Inception




Fast forward 2012 and 2013 Goals

Time move so fast , 2012 just feel like yesterday and its nearly end. 
I remember how i celebrate the new year eve with Duck87 at a villa, and how we plan our surprise party for beloved ode ‘buket’ even only with a dozen of doughnuts! :P well that’s because the bloody stupid cake shop closed, lol. 
We lighted fireworks , drink up , party , music , jump in (dirty) pool, took shit loads of photos and we had so much fun :) 
Anyway, 2012 was really nice full of laugh and tears.
been working hard for National exam as we prepared to enter our dream university, working together, helping each other in VLASH. it a shame how we become closer and closer and even feel like a family when we were about to leave high school. 
THERE ARE TONS MEMORIES and the things we been through together! grade 12 bazaar ,intern competition, hanging out together, rent a villa, birthday surprise, laugh and making fun of our teacher, bullying jody, SKIP CLASS :P.
Oh well , high school memories :’) 
I still cant believe we’re grown up now, its funny how i want to be in University when i was in high school because i think it was fun, you can do anything you want without those ridiculous rules in high school and now im in Uni i want to go back to high school, i just realize breaking rules is so much fun than than being free to do whatever you like. 
My Uni life was nice(partying too hard tho :p) However i passed all my paper ! so that’s should be alright ;)
My goals for 2013 are:

  1. better grade
  2. got part time job while studying in uni, 
  3. make enough money to go back home!
  4. know how to ride my skateboard( got this for xmas present :D, but dont know how to ride -_-), 
  5. Travel around north island
  6. Music festival, Party
  7. Be Healthy ( *lose weight) =well this is nearly impossible , lol :p
  8. Learn Martial art in campus 
  9. Join green shirt
  10. Become a good cook 
  11. Write good essays ( damn im so bad at this)
  12. Have fun! enjoying life

Well i gotta make the most of it, and enjoy the ride :D 

Happy New Year everyone !